Our Mission

Our mission is to support you on your IPO journey and help you scale with a mindset of growth and excitement. We have a vision to help industries grow by simplifying the SOX compliance process and guiding you through the IPO journey – one step at a time.

6 Ways We Make Your Company Stronger

A2Q2 works closely with growth tech companies to provide expertise, create bandwidth and give you peace of mind with:

  1. Internal controls assessment
  2. Internal controls design and implementation
  3. Internal controls remediation
  4. SOX readiness
  5. SOX 404A compliance
  6. SOX 404B compliance

We are internal control

  • Strategists
  • Catalysts
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Promoters
  • Facilitators
  • Enthusiasts

We get tech…

  • Biotech & Medical Devices
  • CleanTech & Energy
  • E-commerce & Marketplace
  • FinTech
  • Hardware & Semiconductor
  • SaaS & Software

Raise the Standard

Your IPO journey is like climbing Mount Everest…it requires the highest attention to detail by expert Sherpas who have successfully completed the trip hundreds of times before. Our experts will guide you through the complexities of SOX compliance to save time and avoid re-work!

  1. Drive Change Management
    • SOX compliance isn’t a one-time event… it’s an exciting journey with a growth mindset. Education, training and coaching for all stakeholders ensure your team has the tools to scale successfully. Who can your team rely on to drive process and internal controls change?
  1. Project Management Matters
    • So we manage all the project details…and project management
    • Don’t jeopardize meeting your deadlines to successfully raise capital. There’s simply too much at stake. The details of execution matter more than ever, because you’re racing against time and competing globally.
    • Choosing A2Q2 is a decision to prioritize coordinated change management and execution. All of your projects begin with strategy followed by a plan to ensure you know what to do before and after you are a public company. Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance, right?
  2. Cut Through Complexity
    • You need expert Sherpas to successfully guide you through your first-time SOX compliance process and who are an extension of your team…
    • We integrate well into existing teams or hold down the fort until you recruit talented professionals. And we also take responsibility for our work and speak up when we see opportunities for efficiency.
    • Many clients use us as their “Special Ops team” because those are some of the hardest things we do. But really, we’re here whenever you need a project done right.

Our Philosophy

To expand your superpowers as expert sherpas on your team and build a long-term, enduring relationship.

The results speak for themselves…

100% of our work is by referral

100% of external auditors rely on our work to the maximum extent allowed by their firm

100% success in fixing material weaknesses