SOX Readiness

Preparing your company to go public? Checking your readiness for SOX 404 compliance comes first!


While we understand that change is constant and inevitable, we also believe that there are things that will NEVER change. And one of those things is the fact that addressing your SOX readiness will improve your SOX 404 compliance programs – And ultimately make your IPO journey easier.

We believe that assessing SOX 404 compliance early will smoothen your journey to go public – And for good reason too. When you commit to assessing your SOX readiness and using the data from your assessment to improve your SOX 404 compliance, your company’s values become clear. It becomes obvious that you not only care about your stakeholders, but also value growth and long term success.

Many companies looking to go public often attach little or no importance to their SOX 404 compliance. Of course, completing your IPO journey is a huge win, but we stress – Achieving SOX 404 is a big panacea to avoid whatever difficulties that might want to rise in the long or short run.

But SOX 404 compliance isn’t something you just dive into and expect to complete on the spot – NO. It’s like forging a sword. You hit the sword over and over to hone it, remove impurities, and smoothen its shape and edges, until you have the perfect sword beaten to the exact shape and size you desire. The same thing works for SOX 404 compliance, accomplishing this is a huge win for your business.

It’s a process that needs time, a growth mindset, great attention to detail, and the drive to improve despite deficiencies. To achieve SOX 404 compliance, you must first check if you’re ready, and then refine the parts of your internal controls that need improvement to perfection. And to the question of how? Well, A2Q2 is your partner and we offer you all the support you might need!


We do internal control remediation, risk assessment, control matrix, scoping, and the implementation of policies and procedures to assess and determine your SOX readiness.

  • Our readiness assessment will help you determine if your organization meets all requirements, and is ready for SOX 404 compliance. We do this by identifying risks and weaknesses in your internal control, remediating them, and implementing  the best operational, financial, and technological processes.
  • Our commitment is to protect your company, stakeholders, and your management team. We make sure that everyone is at where they’re supposed to be, and they are aware of potential risks.
  • We help your company kick start its journey for growth by implementing and maintaining sustainable readiness assessments. To ensure that this is successful, we identify, assess, document, test, and implement internal control processes to mitigate and evaluate risks. All these, we do to avoid financial statement errors and internal control deficiencies.

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