Biotech & Medical Devices

The Biotechnology and MedTech industries are some of the most dynamic, yet delicate industries in the world. Data security and accuracy here is extremely vital. You can’t afford to make mistakes! But don’t worry, A2Q2 is here to help!

“A2Q2 provided the most responsive service and best quality work papers compared to the Big 4 firms we previously hired. They drove the process to successful completion with strong project management and regular communication with our stakeholders. They minimized disruptions to our business owners and made my job easier.”

Sharon Tan
Senior Director Internal Audit

The IPO journey as a whole, is a ride towards validity and reliability. This is especially true for Biotechnology and MedTech companies in which data holds the most value. Tests, new discoveries, hypotheses, analyses, and more are all vital data involved in Biotechnology and MedTech.

This means there is going to be even more strict scrutiny in this industry. People need to know that your internal controls are effective, that their data is secure with you, and that the data you give them is accurate and reliable. The only way to do this is to have an optimal control environment.

So, you need to be SOX compliant, and we’re here to help!



After carrying out an internal audit and running financial data analytics of your business, we can help you find areas that need improvement. We can then intelligently reengineer your process to boost and augment productivity.

We are highly motivated and poised to help your business grow. Our team of experts at A2Q2 is dedicated to helping Biotechnological and MedTech businesses. Our team provides professional insight, recommendations, and solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your business or firm.

We have the advantage of 18+ years of experience helping an impressive number of firms and businesses cope and overcome the challenges associated with SOX readiness and compliance.

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