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Public company readiness or SOX 404 readiness SOX or SOX 404 readiness required activities part1

What SOX 404 activities are recommended and required for a company preparing to be public or in pre-IPO stage? Here's part 1 of the overview
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If you’re in your pre-IPO phase and still preparing to go public, then you need to know one fact. Addressing your SOX readiness in your pre-IPO phase will make your IPO journey easier.

We believe that assessing SOX readiness early will smoothen your journey to go public – And for good reason too. When you commit to assessing your SOX readiness and using the data from your assessment to improve your SOX compliance, your values become clear. It becomes obvious that you care about your investors, and also value growth.

That’s why we stress – achieve SOX readiness first.

But SOX readiness isn’t something you just dive into and expect to complete on the spot – NO.

It’s a process that needs time, a growth mindset, high attention to detail, and the drive to improve despite deficiencies. To achieve SOX readiness, you refine the parts of your internal controls that need improvement.

And to the question of how? Well, A2Q2 is your partner and all the support you need!


  • Pinpointing key internal controls covering financial and accounting statement declarations
  • Carrying out a general risk assessment and establishment of a scope.
  • Appraising  pre-IPO and post-IPO risk assessment for efficient transition.
  •  Providing a systematic, methodical and highly coherent guidance and mentorship for your organization on total compliance.
  • Creating a Risk Control Matrix (RCM) that will further assist in identifying risks and providing efficient guidance towards controlling them.
  • Accessing and evaluating control gaps by interviewing current process owners to identify deficiencies.
  • Testing control gaps to determine whether the controls are operating and managing risks as designed.
  • Compiling and documenting accurate results to be forwarded to the audit committee and management team.

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