Transaction Matching, Data Analytics

Analyze, match, and reconcile your financial transactions seamlessly.

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data in order to deduce conclusions about that information. This is a process that definitely requires engaging the services of professionals, and our seasoned professionals at A2Q2 are up to the task.


Your financial close cycle provides an accurate overview of all your financial and transactional data within a given period. Reconciling this data accurately and consistently is vital for your company to make productive financial and strategic decisions.

The more you understand your financial and accounting data, the better you will be able to project your company’s future performance. So, without an accurate and consistent representation of this data, you will be susceptible to both internal and external consequences.

Transaction matching is an important control that allows you to validate and accurately record your transactional data. Use it as a detection control to ensure the integrity of your financial data and the reliability of your financial statements.

At A2Q2, we streamline your account reconciliation through data analytics and transaction matching. Our goal is to ensure that various sets of your transactional data are in agreement, or if not, to identify differences to research. And we do this not only to satisfy external reporting requirements, but also to allow your teams to focus more on value-added tasks.

Importance of Transaction Matching & Data Analytics

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