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A2Q2: Supporting Your
IPO & SOX Compliance

Our Story

A2Q2 is the Special Ops team for your accounting and finance departments. We are internal control strategists, catalysts, engineers, architects, enthusiasts, promoters and facilitators with 18+ years of Sarbanes-Oxley experience (yes, since SOX was first mandated). Our goal as experts is to guide you on your journey to achieve SOX compliance.

Our Mission

We help tech companies climb their Mt Everest of being a publicly traded company and stay SOX compliant

With your accounting, HR, legal, IT, business system teams aligned and working from the same playbook, you’ll have the confidence and clarity to scale.

A2Q2 works closely with growth tech companies to provide expertise, create bandwidth and give you peace of mind with:
  • SOX readiness
  • SOX 404A compliance
  • SOX 404B compliance
  • internal controls assessment
  • internal controls design and implementation
  • internal controls remediation
Our secret to a solid SOX compliance experience for your team starts with you and your Perspective….
  • Perspective - what matters to you
  • Purpose - what do you want to achieve and when
  • Plan - how to meet your goals and timeline
  • Professionals - who have the expertise to deliver
  • Product - what's the deliverable needed at the end

This is accomplished with a 2-pronged approach

Integrated Steps

Seeing how all your financial internal control pieces fit together gives you clarity. But you still have to execute it. And just like climbing Mt Everest is done in a specific order, so is your controls blueprint. The first step is to provide education, training and coaching that are built around your systems and business processes.

Interconnected Team

No one builds the company alone. You need a team to bring all the pieces of your plan to life and give you the kind of results you want. A2Q2 provides the interconnected and integrated team of professionals to help you implement your internal controls blueprint.


A2Q2 gathers all the pieces of your financial internal controls puzzle together under one unified plan. We call this your Controls Blueprint, and we have a team of Control Strategists, Architects, Engineers, Catalysts, Promoters, Facilitators and Enthusiasts who can help you identify your own and customize it to your unique needs and strengths.

What’s our differentiated approach? It starts with YOU. It’s all about you.

What is your risk tolerance? What is your vision? Treating your company like a rocket ship means focusing primarily on building guardrails and providing guidance, not cramming down bureaucracy.

We provide educational material for 25 different areas of SOX compliance specific to growth technology companies. Where did we get all this education? Through 18+ years of hands-on, practical SOX implementation experience helping growing tech companies

Customized blueprint… no two companies are alike. So an internal control plan that works for one company may not work for you. A2Q2 provides specialized assessment tools to help you customize your internal controls blueprint to your specific situation.

A2Q2 has a team of Control Architects and Control Engineers ready to assist you. No one cares about your company than you do, so we help you create a framework that honors your culture and goals. Once you have your customized Control Plan in place, we help you execute that plan. You may choose to use your own team, our experts or a combination of both. Either way, coordinated teamwork is essential for SOX success.

Based on your purpose and plan, we create the deliverables needed.

New to SOX?

SOX University

Careers at A2Q2

Building a network of elite specialists. We train you on the art of helping technology companies build and sustain scalable processes and internal controls.


A2Q2 has a very big vision, and what we build is a team of reliable and growth minded team players. We have go-getters with a sense of humor who are interested in helping others.

So, do you have the passion and the drive? Proceed ahead.



We don’t do endless emails, and we don’t harass you with phone calls either. Reach out to us by filling our contact form!


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Our mission is to support you on your IPO journey and help you scale with a mindset of growth and excitement. We have a vision to help your industry grow by simplifying your SOX compliance process and guiding you through your IPO journey – one step at a time.


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