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#55 | Part 3 Filtering Permissions Key Attributes | NetSuite Segregation of Duties

Welcome to Part 3 of NetSuite Segregation of Duties, Filtering Permissions for Key Attributes. In NetSuite, for us to see all the users along with the roles and the permissions and the levels they have, we need to run a search. In the previous session, in part two, we showed you how to do the custom search, so that we can pull out the users, permissions, the roles, and the permission levels.

#40 | Spreadsheet Testing for SOX

Welcome to spreadsheet testing for SOX. We previously discussed report testing for SOX (link to #39). There’s a difference between spreadsheets and system reports. We will go over that today and how to scope key spreadsheets. We will also tell you some other criteria to help you prioritize them. Next we will show you the steps to…