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Growing a business could be exhilarating for many reasons. BUT! Having in place adequate checks and balances helps steer clear of this unpleasant scenario.

New to IPO & SOX?

Public company readiness or SOX 404 readiness SOX or SOX 404 readiness required activities part1

What SOX 404 activities are recommended and required for a company preparing to be public or in pre-IPO stage? Here's part 1 of the overview
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Using Your Business System to Generate Progressive Results

Your business systems are the foundations of how certain processes are carried out in your organization. These systems showcase show personnel, policies, operations, facilities and IT equipment shape your company. Simply put, they are critical to produce progressive results.

The benefits of having strong internal controls cannot be over-emphasized. Having effective internal controls is one of the first steps to take when you’re preparing your company for SOX compliance. This is why A2Q2 is here to help you develop effective internal controls to scale your business.

Harnessing Tech For Unrivalled Growth

The Engineering and IT departments in your business play a vital role when you’re preparing for SOX compliance. In this case, we are talking about IT General Controls (ITGC).

ITGCs determine how technology is designed, administered, and used in your organization. They control everything from system updates and upgrades to configuration management to user account creation.

This covers access to programs and data, change management, system development, and computer operations.

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