SaaS & Software

The SaaS and software industry grows as users typically access applications on a subscription basis. Managing this model requires a lot of focus, but that’s the least of your worries – you also have to meet SOX regulations.

“I hired Kim Le and A2Q2 while I was CFO of CNET Networks and again when I accepted the position of CFO at Turnitin. Kim is an exceptional leader who develops very strong teams. She drives results with great integrity. The scope of work she accomplished for me was quite broad — ranging from Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to NetSuite Financial systems implementation and integration with She and her team also helped me to integrate an acquisition, establish a UK subsidiary and transition auditors. I can’t say enough about how effective she is. Wherever I go next, I will hire Kim.”

George Mazzotta

SaaS is ideal for business software like instant messaging, email, and customer relationship management (CRM). Running a SaaS business does not exempt you from meeting SOX compliance. As a matter of fact, it is vitally important. Becoming SOX compliant in this industry will serve as proof of your transparency and help bolster trust in your services. In addition, gaining SOX compliance will help your company build effective internal controls.

At A2Q2, we fully understand the importance of operational efficiencies, and we use our services to provide you with the tools you need to be SOX compliant.


We handle the management of your control environment by carrying out internal control analysis, control designs, and implementation. We do this to provide you with growth-driving strategies, while allowing you to focus on the market and the overall growth of your business.

What makes A2Q2 unique is our consultative approach. Here, we deliver a fully customized solution to satisfy your specifications and meet the requirements you didn’t even know you had.

Experience is our strongest tool. Yes, we are a team of skilled and experienced IT, IPO, and SOX compliance experts, but that’s not all. We have implemented top-quality SOX compliance and IPO solutions for businesses around the world.

At A2Q2, we provide innovative SOX compliance-driven solutions for your company. Our extensive services and expertise in SOX readiness and compliance for businesses in diverse sectors make us one of the best.

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