CleanTech & Energy

Cleantech has the potential to act as a catalyst for more sustainable solutions to transportation, agriculture, and waste management. That is why at A2Q2 we provide services that help cleantech and energy industries achieve SOX compliance.

Canadian Solar

“Working with A2Q2 has been a great pleasure, and in many ways, they have felt like an extension of my own team as we partnered together to fulfill our first year of SOX compliance requirements. They’ve consistently delivered on time and on budget, and I’d strongly recommend their services.”

John Albrecht

Today, the demand for cleantech is robust as people seek efficient and clean sources of energy.

Newer and more advanced technologies are developed annually due to the never-ending demand for renewable energy. Some of the technology-driven solutions include solar, electric, wind, and wave energy.

However, energy isn’t the only thing cleantech is changing for the better. This emerging trillion-dollar industry has enough room and opportunities for start-ups and established industries alike to thrive.

Every day, new opportunities for energy businesses emerge in response to the challenges of global climate change around the world. Traditional energy companies, and newcomers to the energy industry, are seeking competitive advantage in areas that are either still uncharted, or untested, to match the pace at which the world demands energy.



At A2Q2, we provide SOX compliance services for cleantech and energy firms. We make use of data, insight, and analytics tools that are critical for decision-makers to support their IPO journey and help them meet SOX compliance.

Investors are increasingly eager to meet the challenges of cleantech energy transformation. Hence, the need for valuable contextual framing for meeting with SOX compliance standards.

The services we offer at A2Q2 are key to gaining credibility and growing robust revenue.

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