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Preparing to go public or already public? We can save you the heartbreak of legal action resulting from an ineffective control environment.

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Public company readiness or SOX 404 readiness SOX or SOX 404 readiness required activities part1

What SOX 404 activities are recommended and required for a company preparing to be public or in pre-IPO stage? Here's part 1 of the overview
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Human Resources(HR) plays a major role in building up, reinforcing and improving the nature of an organisation. The duties of an excellent HR personnel includes training and development, payment of salaries, performance management, analyzing benefits, risk and safety control and management, employee satisfaction recruitment, onboarding and reinforcing the values of the business.

This is why a first-class HR department is indispensable to your company. They ensure that every team member is accurate, reliable and on track with their responsibilities. This is what the HR department does, and that is the key to a stable control environment.

In addition to having an efficient HR team, you need an HR Information System(HRIS). This helps your team to manage access to employees and payroll. On the employees side, it handles approving employees, editing page changes, and increasing or decreasing. On the payroll side, it handles access to adding employees, removing employees, and making sure all pay amounts are accurate and complete.

At A2Q2, our team of HR specialists are here to guide you through the entire process. We are experienced, seasoned, and knowledgeable professionals. Let us help you look for deficiencies in your processes, and implement systems to bolster them.

Immediately after your merger is approved you become a public company. At this point, you need to have the disclosure committee setup – Or even better, have it set up beforehand.

The key responsibility of the disclosure committee is to collect all financial information to make sure all of your disclosures are complete and accurate in your 10K and your 10Q. This is necessary to avoid legal penalties.

Legal and operations take charge of this whole process and look for gaps that the SEC may flag. These gaps may even open up the administration of your company to lawsuits. If any gaps are found, the consequences will shake your company to its core – AND we don’t want that!

That is why our professionals at A2Q2 professionals are up and ready to offer you their expertise.

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In a de-SPAC, why is the Disclosure Committee important for SOX 302?

After a de-SPAC, what is the importance of a Disclosure Committee for SOX 302? What are potential penalties if disclosure controls don't exist or if 10K or 10Q are wrong?
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