Hardware & Semiconductor

Hardware and Semiconductors are vital in today’s world. They are the essential core of the devices that drive your business and connect the modern world.

Hardware and semiconductors play a critical role in industries like automotive, communication infrastructure, retail, data centers, consumer electronics, and many more.

Most technological innovations today are driven by silicon, a hardware (HW) system, and a suite of software (SW) components running over it. So, without them, these industries become harder to run and navigate.

Giving You Space To Focus

If you’re running your company in the hardware and semiconductor industry, you’re most likely to face strict financial scrutiny. Hardware and semiconductors are vital to other industries, and the market size is extremely robust. What this means is that your industry is in the light, and you cannot afford errors in your financial reports.

For this reason, we bring you the best blend of SOX compliance and technology. What we offer you is innovative SOX compliance solutions.

We do this so that you can rest, assured of a job well done, and focus on other aspects of your business.


The Goal is to Make An Impact In Your Business

There aren’t many SOX service providers today that really value impact. However, we love the sound of a job well done at A2Q2! That’s why you receive premium SOX compliance services ranging from internal controls design and implementation to internal controls remediation, SOX readiness, SOX 404A compliance, and SOX 404B compliance.

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