Accounting & Finance

Going public or preparing for SOX compliance requires an impressive amount of accounting and financial mastery. Let’s help you scale through the process with utmost ease!

SOX 302

Disclosure Controls & the Disclosure Committee

CEO and CFO certify the financial reports

Going public is a journey and incorporating SOX 302 will become a matter of routine. Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires your CEO and CFO to personally attest to the accuracy and reliability of the information provided in your financial reports – and that’s not all!

Attesting positively to inaccurate and unreliable information WILL get you in trouble. You’ll need to pay a fine, or face imprisonment, or both! This is why you MUST ensure that all controls relating to your financial reporting are 100% accurate and reliable.

SOX 302 compliance is a delicate process, but you can scale through with an effective Disclosure Committee.

SOX 404A & 404B

Internal Controls

Internal and external audits

Your journey to go public doesn’t just begin and end there. Becoming a public company offers you many benefits. Once you decide to go public, you MUST also prepare to be compliant with  Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

SOX 404 requires you to establish an adequate internal control environment. To do this, you must set up internal controls and procedures for your financial reporting and also document, test and maintain those controls and procedures to ensure their effectiveness.

This is why at A2Q2, we tailor our services to achieve all these by helping you create and sustain an efficient control environment by:


  • Assessing activities in your financial reporting processes
  • Documenting the process and controls
  • Assessing for control gaps
  • Creating a Risk Control Matrix (RCM)
  • Conducting a walk-through to simplify complexities

de-SPAC & SOX 302

Disclosure Controls & the Disclosure Committee

CEO and CFO certify the financial reports

At A2Q2, our major goal is the simplification of the de-SPAC process. We accomplish this by supporting our clients with education and coaching before, during, and after the de-SPAC process.

When your executives sign a SOX 302 certification document, they are taking full accountability for the document. They are placing their personal reputation on the line to vouch for the document’s reliability.

We take extra measures to ensure your 10K and 10Q are adequately filed to the SEC after being assessed by the Disclosure Committee. Running the Disclosure Committee is an ongoing activity, and we’re here to help set up the process with you.

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