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#93 | COSO 2013 Part 3 – Mapping Process

This is the last part of the quick guide about COSO 2013. In this part, you will learn the steps involved in the mapping process and the considerations to look at during the mapping process.

#91 | COSO 2013 Part 1 – Framework Overview

This is part 1 of the three-part guide about COSO 2013. To make it easier, you will first learn about the overview of the COSO framework. Then the next steps will be about the mapping template and mapping process.

#60 | SOX Test of Effectiveness & Documentation

Here is an overview of what the testing training will cover. Our testing is on Test of Effectiveness or TOE. We’re verifying that control has been in place, and it operates as it was designed over a period of time. Lead Sheet & Control Descriptions; Test Procedures; & Workpaper Documentation

#59 | SOX Walk-through Overview

In this session, I will be reviewing with you a SOX Walk-through and an example of documentation and what level of detail is needed so that auditors can rely on your work. Objectives of Walk-through; Control Descriptions; Walk-through Procedures; and Document Example.

#58 | Part 6 Conflict List | NetSuite Segregation of Duties

Welcome to part 6, the last part in our Segregation of Duties Analysis for NetSuite. In this last part, we will finally come up with our conflict list. We did steps 1 through 5 to get to this final list.
Remove duplicates; Remove no matches; Remove false positives

#57 | Part 5 Matching Permissions Employees Rules | NetSuite Segregation of Duties

Welcome to the Part 5 of the NetSuite Segregation of Duties Analysis. In this article, we will be discussing how to match the permissions and employees with the four rules that we discussed in the previous post. There are 3 basic overall steps: (1) Match the permissions with the employees; (2) Remove some duplicate combinations; (3) Match the permissions plus…

#56 | Part 4 – Basic 4 Rules NetSuite Segregation of Duties

Welcome to Part 4 of the Segregation of Duties Analysis for NetSuite. In this session, we will cover the rules. In this case, we boiled it down to four basic ones. Credit Memo Versus the Customer Master. Creating Vendor Versus the Vendor Master. Create Vendor Bills Versus the Vendor Master. Create Journal Entry and Approving Journal Entries.