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#55 | Part 3 Filtering Permissions Key Attributes | NetSuite Segregation of Duties

Welcome to Part 3 of NetSuite Segregation of Duties, Filtering Permissions for Key Attributes. In NetSuite, for us to see all the users along with the roles and the permissions and the levels they have, we need to run a search. In the previous session, in part two, we showed you how to do the custom search, so that we can pull out the users, permissions, the roles, and the permission levels.

#54 | Part 2 User Permission Report | NetSuite Segregation of Duties

Welcome to Part 2 of NetSuite Segregation of Duties or SOD. In this article, we will show you how to run the User Permission Report in NetSuite through; How to Run User Report or Employee Search; How to Run User Roles Search; How to Run User Permissions Search; How to Run User Permission Levels Search

#40 | Spreadsheet Testing for SOX

Welcome to spreadsheet testing for SOX. We previously discussed report testing for SOX (link to #39). There’s a difference between spreadsheets and system reports. We will go over that today and how to scope key spreadsheets. We will also tell you some other criteria to help you prioritize them. Next we will show you the steps to…

#39 | SOX System Report Testing

Welcome to SOX system reports testing. Report testing has received a lot of focus by external auditors and the PCAOB recently so we want to address it today. The reason these system-generated reports are important is because management uses them to make judgements for booking journal entries or recording financial transactions and…

#29 | Cyber Security and SOX

Welcome to the top 10 cyber security issues and SOX. A lot of our clients ask how cyber security interacts with SOX. As you know SOX is about financial reporting and the disclosures and controls around financial reporting and how they impact financial reporting. Cyber security is relevant to SOX to the extent that the losses impact your financial …

#12 | Part 2 – NetSuite SSAE16 – Practical Tips on How to Review

This is part 2 of the NetSuite SSAE 16 review and mapping of controls series. As reminder, in part 1, we discussed how to review the report and see whether the report is a Type I or Type II report that you can rely on. We also discussed what an unqualified opinion is and how to read it. […]