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#90 | NetSuite How to Create Subsidiaries

Creating subsidiaries in NetSuite can be easy as it seems, but it’s something that needs to be planned and understood as well. In this blog, you’ll know what to prepare before creating subsidiaries and the steps in the actual creation process.

#89 | NetSuite Updating Revenue Arrangements

Updating revenue arrangements and revenue elements can be done either automatically or manually. In this guide, you’ll learn the step by step procedure for updating NetSuite revenue arrangement and the items that will be affected for the preferences selected.

#81 | NetSuite: How to Inactivate Vendors

With so many transaction records found within in a NetSuite system, it is inevitable that changes will be made to some records, particularly in vendor records. To make it easier in dealing with vendor records, there are two ways you can inactivate vendors in NetSuite.