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A2Q2 Core Values Series – Conclusion

A2Q2 Core Values Series – Conclusion

Core values represent an extraordinary level of excellence and service; especially when found in the employees of a company and therefore translates to the level of quality and service provided to the clients by the company as a whole.  Specialized and directed recruiting and training efforts are keys to establishing and fostering a work environment where core values are…well…valued.

When it comes to excellence, teamwork, dependability, integrity or professionalism It is tempting in any business model to begin cutting corners in order to save money on costs – especially when it is perceived that these cuts can be accomplished without affecting the quality of the end service or product provided to the customer.  What is often missed is the effect these cuts have on the internal morale and workings of the employees and their core values.  It is hard to feel trustworthy or a sense of integrity if your employer’s policies or procedures demand questionable or downright illegal activity.

An environment where the core values thrives is homogenous through and through, and the best part is, that the core values can be infectious – getting picked up by new employees who see them modeled consistently by your veteran workers and especially their managers.  While the core values are individual and corporate traits, they are also an environment.  Employees who start work on day one seeing their colleagues loaf around, playing games on the computer, and talking negatively about management and their customers are going to absorb that negativity and likely trend toward the same behaviors.  The converse, however, is also true.

The best place to begin in building an extraordinary business model and work environment around the core values is with management.  If you are hiring – seek the core values out in your new employees.  Invest in professional training for your existing management team to showcase your expectations for the working environment.  Most of all, be open with your managers and supervisors about the type of working conditions you wish to foster, marking it clear that you are watching out for these qualities in them and will reward those individuals who not only best exemplify the core values, but also manage to pass them on to their workers.  It is a win-win situation, for the employer who gains a cadre of trustworthy, excellent, dependable individuals who work well as a team, and for the clients and customers, who will notice a difference between your business and your competitors as a result.


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