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A2Q2 Core Values in Business Series – Overview

A2Q2 Core Values in Business Series – OverviewThe business of keeping customers satisfied is itself, a billion-dollar industry, as companies invest in the expertise of organizations whose sole purpose is to tell them how to appeal to their customer base and attract that ever-loyal word-of-mouth clientele.

Other companies, however, find their success in customer satisfaction by adhering to a set of principles, or core values, which sets them apart from their competition. Having a set of guiding principles or core values as an organization is one thing, but the most successful businesses are those that seek to recruit and retain employees who exhibit those core values in their business and/or personal lives as well. If a business is successful in exuding positive core values, not only are the clients satisfied, but the sense of community created in the workplace is often sufficient to attract top talent with similar values already in place.

Five significant core values promoted by A2Q2 are: Integrity, Teamwork, Dependability, Professionalism, and Excellence. Each one of these alone is of great worth to an individual’s marketability and a company’s reputation, but together they present a well-rounded and comprehensive series of core values that is critical to driving business success. In the coming weeks, this blog will focus on these five core values, their meanings, their personal and business applications, and offer up as a series of guidelines for successful implementation. Whether you have a job, are looking for a job, or are running a business and want to inspire your employees, you could do a lot worse than to make integrity, or professionalism a part of your general M.O.

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