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Embracing Ambition in 2015

Before the blizzard of confetti swirls around us, dreams and visions for the year 2015 have come into focus. This year could be the greatest yet, with expansion and personal achievement realized in all areas. Power and integrity create a heady mix, and combine to provoke the opportunity for examining and upgrading personal goals and business aspirations.

The end of 2014 has brought a sense of reflection for those of us who embrace change and upward/outward movement of cherished goals. This is a time for releasing ourselves from limitations and going beyond the “average” in our personal and business lives. As restrictions are swept away, we are enabled to use courage and drive to realize our potential.

There is considerable controversy attached to the concept of ambition in our communities. Many educators and parents perceive our children and world as being too focused on winning and achieving, fearing that this emphasis creates an unfair disparity. Their point is well taken, but there is also a place in our personal reality and business world for high-reaching goals to be achieved with courage and determination. Ambition can be a valued component for completion and betterment in a world that favors this quality. After all, where would our country be today had we not strived to compete and to achieve, positioning ourselves dominantly on the world stage?

How many of us have made tremendous effort to reach a higher level of personal accomplishment by going beyond what we have achieved at some previous time? Competing with ourselves (which is an ambitious project), can be done with power and drive. Ambition reaches into the core of our existence and extends outward into our world and reality. Ambition is part of a human’s drive to succeed.

At this time of year, a release seems to be called for as we remove impediments from achieving personal goals. Assessing personal and powerful “blocks,” and breaking old behavior patterns are necessary for our well-being and growth. Being afraid of “the best you can be,” and withdrawing from the power of success, will keep you confined to previous limitations. Compete! Feel your ambition grow in all areas, business and personal. Never be afraid to rise to the challenge of life… with integrity!


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