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Thankfulness and the Gift of Giving

As our thoughts move from the season of thankfulness into the spirit of giving, we incorporate these qualities into our personal realities and focus on the impact these have on the business world. Our CEO, Kim Le, has found much to be thankful for … an American dream realized using successful business practices and “integrity of purpose,” an outstanding team of focused individuals who support her vision, and a web of associates who assist in completion of common goals. Kim has embraced the concept of giving as well as the thankfulness for the path that has brought her to a position of leadership and example.

In the early part of November, she attended the 20th anniversary party for Opportunity Fund, a nonprofit organization that has propelled Californians into a better world by providing financial impetus to small businesses and aspiring college students. The need and call for support in these challenging financial times has been answered by Kim, as she has creatively and professionally found ways to assist in this endeavor.

The foundation and belief in “thanksgiving” has been a shared experience. The giving part of this miraculous season is now represented through a heartfelt plan to support the goals of this magnanimous group. Kim Le has led a financial movement of “gifting” to benefit California businesses and the state’s future human resources by matching the donated monies from inspired and generous individuals.

The spirit of giving at this time of year, as we approach the wondrous holiday season, is reflected in the efforts of a few – to help many. Because of her support and instilling in others the shared dream, Eric Weaver and the team at Opportunity Fund received an amazing holiday gift. So much thanks goes to the joint effort as we approach the season of giving!


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