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#70 | NetSuite Saved Searches and Reports

Searching information and building reports are both tasks that need a lot of time to accomplish. So why strain yourself from doing it repeatedly for the same thing?

#69 | NetSuite Transaction Page

Lately, we’ve been giving you a lot of customization and efficiency tips for NetSuite. The previous blog tutorial was about NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts. In this segment, you will learn another set of tips. This time, it’s for the NetSuite Transaction Page.

#68 | NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.” This Tanzanian proverb is very much relatable to using keyboard shortcuts as it allows you save a few moments of your time. You may not notice it right away

#67 | NetSuite Global Search Bar

Surely, you have already used a search bar at least once in your life. A functional one will give users like us the advantage of saving time looking for something we need in a website or in our email inbox. NetSuite’s global search bar gives the same benefit.

#64 | NetSuite Setting Preferences

Are you looking for ways to maximize your NetSuite usage? Here are some simple yet useful tips you can apply when setting preferences in NetSuite. This is meant to improve your efficiency when using the software. In this tutorial, you will learn the following…

#63 | NetSuite Shortcut Button

Let’s look at NetSuite shortcut buttons. Learning these buttons will help you navigate NetSuite easier and faster. In this NetSuite tutorial, we will discuss the following shortcut buttons: Recent Record Button; Home Button; Shortcut Button

#61 | NetSuite Homepage and Dashboard

So you are using NetSuite, what tips and tricks can you use to maximize the benefits? In this article, we will cover the tips to navigating: NetSuite Homepage; NetSuite Dashboard