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#61 | NetSuite Homepage and Dashboard

So you are using NetSuite, what tips and tricks can you use to maximize the benefits? In this article, we will cover the tips to navigating:

I suggest you watch the video. It’s easier to understand if you are a visual/audio learner. The content below is the same as the video. It’s for those who learn by reading.

NetSuite Homepage

This is the NetSuite homepage or it is as of the date we made it. At the top, in the middle, is the global search bar where you can search all transactions, records, and lists in NetSuite. In the upper right are the roles. It shows us the user and the role including the company.  It’s important because you can have multiple roles like AR manager and AP manager. You may have been given multiple roles. That’s why it’s important to remember to look up there to see what sign-on role you are in.

Screenshot of NetSuite Homepage
Fig. 1 – NetSuite Homepage

You can switch roles depending on your needs. We can switch from an administrator to an executive. In this example, you can see by clicking the downward pointing arrow that you can see the multiple roles you can switch to and select that role.

Screenshot of Roles in NetSuite Homepage
Fig. 2 – NetSuite Homepage Roles

In the navigation bar, you can navigate anywhere in NetSuite. We can go to Payment, Transactions, List, Reports, and Set-up. The navigation bar changes depending on what role are in the items. Where we do not have permission to do something, that ability not appear in the navigation bar.

Screenshot of NetSuite navigation bar
Fig. 3 – NetSuite Navigation bar

At the top there are some special buttons. There is one for recent records, shortcuts, and home.  Shortcuts are represented by the star.  The house button is Home so that you can quickly get to where you need to go without having to go through multiple clicks.

screenshot of special buttons on navigation bar
Fig. 4 – Special Buttons on Navigation Bar

NetSuite Dashboard

Let’s talk about the NetSuite dashboard which is in the middle, and it is completely customizable. We can add whatever graphs, searches, or views we want into the dashboard. Remember that the dashboard can be different depending on what role we have, the permissions within the role, and the type of information that you can see.

Screenshot of NetSuite dashboard
Fig. 5 – NetSuite Dashboard

Here’s a different dashboard. This is for the senior executive. Depending on the role, you can customize the dashboard to show what it is that you are looking to see.

Screenshot of Senior dashboard
Fig. 6 – Example Senior Executive Dashboard

On the homepage, you will see the settings. Settings can be placed anywhere on the dashboard, but they cannot be removed. Settings allow us to personalize our dashboard or set-up preferences. It’s also where we can update our security questions, change our email and our password.

Screenshot of Homepage settings
Fig. 7 – Settings


To recap, we discussed the following:

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