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#63 | NetSuite Shortcut Button

Let’s look at NetSuite shortcut buttons. Learning these buttons will help you navigate NetSuite easier and faster. In this NetSuite tutorial, we will discuss the following shortcut buttons:

I suggest you watch the video. It’s easier to understand if you are a visual/audio learner. The content below is the same as the video. It’s for those who learn by reading.

Recent Records Button

When you first log into NetSuite, on top is the menu bar and on far left side is a clock that stands for Recent records. It is especially useful when we’re working with lots of transactions and certain places that we go back and forth often. You can see here that when you hit the recent button, you can see 10 to 15 transactions or places or reports that you’ve gone to, and it quickly takes you back there.

screenshot of recent record button
Fig. 1 – Recent records button

Home Button

The Home button is another quick shortcut. It looks like a house. You can see the dashboard and your set-up preferences. Wherever you are, you can click the Home button and get back to the original starting spot.

Screenshot of home button
Fig. 2 – Home button

Shortcut Button

The next button that you’ll see is the star. This is your shortcut button. You can see here that you can also set up your shortcuts. It’s for saved searches and pages that we use often and want to quickly navigate to.

Screenshot of shortcut button
Fig. 3 – Shortcut button

Let’s do an example and make a shortcut for purchase orders. From the NetSuite menu, go to Transactions, Purchases, Enter purchase orders. It will bring you to the purchase order page. From here, click shortcuts. Click “Add to Shortcuts.”  A pop-up window will appear. Fill in the name of what you’re going to call that shortcut. Let’s call it “Create Purchase Order.” We can check the box if we want to open it in a new window or leave it if we want to just open in our current window and hit save.

Screenshot of how to add shortcut button
Fig. 3 – How to add Shortcut button

Now, as you can see under the shortcuts menu, the Create Purchase Order has now been added. When you need to create a purchase order, you don’t have to go through all of the steps. You can just go to your shortcuts and hit the create purchase order.

Screenshot of new shortcut button
Fig. 3 – New Shortcut button for Create Purchase Order

When you click that button, it will show you the purchase order form. From this page, we can click on List, and it will bring us to the purchase orders list page.

Screenshot of purchase order form
Fig. 4 – NetSuite Purchase Order Form

This now shows you the purchase order list page, so you can see all of the purchase orders. You can then hit the Home button to go back to the dashboard.

Screenshot of Purchase order list page
Fig. 5 – NetSuite Purchase Order List

Shortcuts are not just for pages alone. We can use them for saved reports or searches that are used frequently. To do that, log in to NetSuite, go to Reports, Saved reports, Monthly retails sales.

Screenshot of going to report to Monthly retail Sales
Fig. 6 – Click report, then Saved report, and then click Monthly Retail Sales

Let’s select that. This is a 12-month item sales report, and we want to add it to shortcuts. Next, we click on the shortcut button. We click “add to shortcuts.” This will open a pop-up window. We fill in the shortcut name. We select check if we want to open in a new window and if we don’t, it will stay in the current window and click “save.”

Screenshot of how to add Report shortcut button
Fig. 7 – How to add Report Shortcut button

When we go back to our shortcut button, the star button, we can now see the 12-month item sales report that we just created.

Screenshot of new report shortcut button
Fig. 8 – New Report Shortcut button (12 month item sales report)


I hope these shortcut buttons will help you to navigate through NetSuite faster. In this tutorial, we have discussed the following buttons:

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