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#67 | NetSuite Global Search Bar

Surely, you have already used a search bar at least once in your life. A functional one will give users like us the advantage of saving time looking for something we need in a website or in our email inbox. NetSuite’s global search bar gives the same benefit.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the different filters available so you will be ahead when using the global search bar.

I suggest you watch the video. It’s easier to understand if you are a visual/audio learner. The content below is the same as the video. It’s for those who learn by reading.

NetSuite Global Search Bar

You can find the search bar at the top of the NetSuite homepage once you log in.

Screenshot of Global  Search Bar in NetSuite Homepage
NetSuite Global Search Bar

The global search bar allows us to look for anything we want like transaction records or lists that are within the system.

In the next section, you will learn the different techniques when conducting searches for different items.

Conducting a Search

When conducting a search follow these steps. In this example, we are searching bill.

  • Type in the term “bill” on the search bar.
  • Then we’ll see the different results containing bill like pages, bill credits, and bill payments.
  • If the item we are looking for is shown in one of these results, just click on it to view it.
Screenshot of Searching in the Global Search Bar
Conducting a search in Global Search Bar
Show More Items Button

We can find this button at the bottom of the search result dropdown.

Screenshot of NetSuite with more items button
Show more items button

The image above shows the results for “invoice” search. When we click on show more items, we are directed to a page with the full list of results.

From the initial 10 results for invoices, we now have 203 records with invoices in them.

Using Search Filters

Invoice Search

To narrow down our searches, it is recommended to use filters especially for very common terms. Follow these guidelines to do a filtered search.

  • Type this in the search bar – Page: Invoice – to do a filtered search of pages that have invoices.
  • This will now show we any page which has the invoice name in it. This is narrowed down to 7 results as shown below.

If we’re looking for the create invoices page, just click on it from the results to view it.

Screenshot of Search Filters
NetSuite Search Filters
Transactions Search

We can also use the search bar when looking for transactions like journal entry 123.

If we don’t use a filtered search, this will show us multiple results like image, fixed assets, item receipt, item shipment, and others that has 123 in it.

To save ourselves some time, just do a filtered search.

  • Type this in the search bar – Journal: 123.
  • The result for journal entry 123 will be displayed.
  • Just click on it to open the journal entry.
Screenshot of Transaction Search
NetSuite Transaction Search
Employee Search

When doing a filtered search for an employee named Benedic, just follow these steps:

  • Type this in the search bar – emp: Benedic.
  • The result gives we the employee record for Benedic.

If we’re doing an unfiltered search, the results show us all items that have Benedic in it. This can be helpful to us if we are not sure what items about Benedic we are looking for.

Screenshot of Employee Search

However, for very common names like Smith, it is better to conduct a more specific search using filters, so it will be easier for us to locate what we need.


You just learned some search bar hacks you can do by using filters. Go back to these sections by clicking the links below.

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