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#73 | To Buy or Not to Buy – NetSuite Purchase by Vendor Report

A NetSuite report commonly asked for by clients is the Purchase by Vendor Report. If you are not familiar with this report yet, you will learn here how to navigate through NetSuite to access it.

I suggest you watch the video. It’s easier to understand if you are a visual/audio learner. The content below is the same as the video. It’s for those who learn by reading.

Purchases by Vendor Report

If you are on the NetSuite homepage and you want to find the Purchases by Vendor Report, go to Reports > Purchases > Purchase by Vendor. From here, you can select any of the following: Customize Summary, Detail, or Customize Detail.

This is what the report looks like when it’s a vendor summary.

Screenshot of NetSuite Purchase by Vendor Report
Purchase by Vendor Report

In here, you can also view the details by clicking on the button shown above. The summary just shows you the following:

  • Name of the vendor on the left side
  • The location or the no location
  • Followed by the locations San Francisco, California, and Guam
  • The total column

What the summary shows is dependent on what you’ve selected. In this case, you can see that the following were selected:

  • Dates are from January 1st to September 30th
  • Subsidiary is A2Q2 Developer parent consolidated entity
  • The column is location

Starting with the basic Purchase by Vendor Summary default report, you already have a lot of information.

You can cut and slice the data using the default report and add filters. You don’t have to jump to create a custom report immediately. Sometimes, it’s more useful and faster to start with the default report and then to tailor it exactly to what you need.

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