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#77 | How to Create a Customer Payment Receipt from an Invoice in NetSuite

When dealing with customers, everybody wants to give them the best service. NetSuite has a lot of customer related modules and creating a customer payment receipt from an invoice is one of them.

To make sure that you know how to create and print payment receipts, follow the sections in this NetSuite guide:

I suggest you watch the video. It’s easier to understand if you are a visual/audio learner. The content below is the same as the video. It’s for those who learn by reading.

Creating Cash Receipts

If you want to create cash receipt from a customer invoice, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Transactions → Sales → Create Invoices → List
Screenshot from transaction tab going to sales going to creative invoices and then list
Step 1 – Transactions – Sales – Create Invoices – List
  • Step 2: Click the View next to the invoice you want to record a payment for.
view link
Step 2 – Click the view link
  • Step 3: On the invoice, click the Accept Payment button.

A payment page opens that auto fills with the customer name and defaults to show a payment applied to the invoice.

accept payment button
Step 3 – Click accept payment button
  • Step 4: Click Apply Payment.

On the Apply subtab, the full amount of the invoice auto fills the Payment Amount field.

apply button
Step 4 – Click apply payment button
  • Step 5: Set a Currency.

It filters the original invoice from the list of open invoices in the Invoices subtab, preventing you from applying payment to that invoice.

If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, you can change the Currency on the payment page.

currency field
Step 5 – Setting a currency in the payment
  • Step 6: Choose Proper Account.

Select the Account radio button to select “1000 Checking Account.”

account field
Step 6 – Choose proper account
  • Step 7: Add a Memo or Note.
memo field
Step 7 – Add Memo
  • Step 8: Click the Save button.
save button
Step 8 – Click save button
Step 8 – Click save button
  • Step 9: Click Actions, then Select GL Impact.
action and GL impact
Step 9 – Click actions and then select GL impact

General Ledger Impact

From step 9, this will show you the GL Impact page, where you will find where the money is credited to.

GL Impact Page
Fig. 1 – General Ledger Impact

Unapplied Payment

If you make a payment for a customer for an amount that is larger than the amount owed, the Unapplied amount remains as a credit that you can apply to other invoices for the customer.

screenshot of unapplied amount
Fig. 2 – Unapplied Payment

Payment Receipts

When customers make a payment or deposit, you can send a payment receipt to them as verification.

They will show the following:

  • Company information (name, logo, address, phone number, URL)
  • Customer name
  • Payment or deposit amount
  • Transactions the payment is applied against
  • Amount applied to each transaction
Printing Customer Receipts

Payment receipts can be printed, faxed, or emailed to customers. To generate a payment receipt when you record a payment or deposit, you can do either of the following:

  • Give your customer a receipt by clicking Save & Print or Save & Email when you record or edit a customer deposit.
  • Print a customer receipt by clicking the Print
Printing a customer receipt
Fig. 3 – Printing customer receipt

On the Communication subtab, you can Email or Fax the receipt by clicking the buttons as shown below.

Email or Fax the receipt by clicking the buttons
Fig. 4 – You can choose on how to send a customer receipt via email or fax

Below is a copy of the printed receipt

Sample printed receipt
Fig. 5 – Sample printed customer payment receipt from an Invoice in NetSuite

To recap what you just learned, you can quickly go back to the sections below.

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