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#78 | How to Create a Sales Invoice in NetSuite

Invoices are one of the important documents needed in any sales transaction. With that in mind, anyone who uses NetSuite should know how to correctly create a sales invoice. In this guide, you will learn how to record in invoices each item sold and the step-by-step process for creating a sales invoice.

This guide will have the following sections:

I suggest you watch the video. It’s easier to understand if you are a visual/audio learner. The content below is the same as the video. It’s for those who learn by reading.

Recording Sales in Invoices

When recording sales in invoices, you need to add each item sold from your items list. Each invoice consists of line items and their sales amounts. The sum of all sales amounts on an invoice is equal to the total amount the customer owes.

Screenshot invoice
Fig. 1 – Invoice Summary

Next, let’s go to some examples.

  1. This is a sample invoice reflecting the following amounts:
  • The total amount that the customer must pay is $1,299.
  • The tax rate is 8.25%, which is equal to $107.17.
  • The price of $1,299 plus tax of $107.17 is equal to $1,406.17.
Screenshot of sample invoice reflecting amount of customer and tax amount
Fig. 2 – Example of invoice reflecting amount of customer needs to pay and the tax amount
  1. Another example is the invoice below with a consolidation of two invoices.
  • The total balance the customer should pay is $1,524.16.
  • This amount is the sum of the two invoices with dates October 1, 2016 and November 16, 2016.
screenshot of example of consolidation of 2 invoices
Fig. 3 – Example of consolidation of two invoices

Creating a Sales Invoice

Sample Sale for Sales Invoice Creation

The steps demonstrated in the next section will be based on the following customer details:

Sales Invoice Creation details
Fig. 4 – Sample Sale for Sales Invoice Creation
Step-by-step process for creating a Sales Invoice
  • Step 1: Create Invoices Menu.
    • To start, go to TransactionsSales Create Invoices.
Screenshot of Transaction to sales to Create invoices
Step 1 – Create Invoice Menu
  • Step 2: In the Customer field, choose Apple.
Screenshot of customer field
Step 2 – In customer field, choose Apple
  • Step 3: Enter the Invoice Number.
screenshot of invoice field where you enter the invoice number
Step 3- Enter the invoice number
  • Step 4: Select Payment Terms.

As shown below, we will choose Net 30.

Screenshot of terms of payment field
Step 4 – Select payment terms
  • Step 5: Add the Details. Click List.
Select list
Step 5 – Add the details. Click list
  • Step 6: Choose the Product Sold.

For this example, the product is Merlin 4412D.

Screenshot of chosen product Merlin 4412D
Step 6 – Choose the product sold
  • Step 7: Click on Quantity and Set Number.

To refer from the sample, we will put here 100.

Quantity filed and number
Step 7 – Click on Quantity and Set Number
  • Step 8: Choose Location and click Add.
Select location and click add button
Step 8 – Choose location and click add button
  • Step 9: Take Note of the amount and click Save.
Note of the amount and click Save button
Step 9 – Take Note of the amount and click Save
  • Step 10: Check Invoice.
    • After clicking save, a confirmation will show if the transaction has been successfully saved and will show the details of the invoice that was created.
    • Check if the details are complete and correct.
Invoice confirmation page and edit button
Step 10 – Invoice confirmation page

You just learned the step by step process of creating a sales invoice. To quickly go back to the main sections of this tutorial, click on the links below.

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