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#80 | NetSuite: How to Edit or Delete a Journal Entry

Journal entries are one of the basic components of any accounting process. Having the ability to edit or delete journal entries to make sure the process goes smoothly and moving forward is very important.

In this guide, you will learn the steps on how to do the following:

I suggest you watch the video. It’s easier to understand if you are a visual/audio learner. The content below is the same as the video. It’s for those who learn by reading.

Editing a Journal Entry

Here are the steps to follow when editing a journal entry:

  • Step 1: Go to Transactions → Financial → Make Journal Entries → List
  • Step 2: In the Journal Entry List view, click the Edit next to the journal entry to be edited.
    For this example, we will be editing the entry #SOU00000159.
Screenshot for editing a journal entry
Step 2 – Click Edit next to the journal entry
  • Step 3: In the opened transaction, directly edit the original details entered.
Screenshot for journal entry fields available for editing
  • Step 4a: Once the changes have been made, click SAVE at the bottom of the page.Edits to journal entries may include the posting period, account, and notes or comments.
  • Step 4b: To change either the Debit or the Credit Account, click the double arrow at the right side of the field to show the drop down menu and select the appropriate account.Then click OK and click Save to save the changes made.
Screenshot for journal entry fields available for editing
Step 3 – Click the drop down menu, select the appropriate account, and then click the OK button
Reminders when editing
  • A Journal may not be edited if the transaction was created on a period that was already closed. If it needs to be edited, then edit the period to re-open it. However, you must know that doing so would have a retroactive effect to the previous transaction from today’s date, but after the date of said transaction.
  • Role/Permission may also be a reason for the inability to edit the JE.
    Depending on the role that a user may have, the user may not also edit the JE if the JE already has the “Approved” status.
  • Use the InLine Editing feature when editing multiple journal entries. If there is a green check mark, then it is ready for use. Only those headers with pencil icon can be edited.

Deleting a Journal Entry

Now, let’s go to the procedure for deleting a journal entry. You’ll notice that the steps are similar to the editing procedure.

  • Step 1: Go to the journal entry list.
  • Step 2: To delete, click EditTo delete multiple journals in bulk, highlight those rows or lines to delete. At the right side of the Edit link, there is an icon with a drop down. Just click it to select delete.
  • Step 3: For single journal deletion, click Actions, then select Delete.
Screenshot for deleting a single journal entry
Step 3 – Click Actions dropdown and select Delete
  • Step 4: A dialogue box will reflect a question to confirm deletion. Click the OK button to proceed.If you are in the Edit mode of a Journal Entry before deleting it, the page will be routed to an empty journal form.

Checking the Journal Entry List for Edited or Deleted Entry

How do you know if you were really able to edit or delete a journal entry? Here are the steps on how to confirm it:

  • Step 1: Click on the List link in the upper right corner of the empty Journal to go back to the Journal list.
Screenshot of List link in empty journal
Step 1 – Click the List link to go back to the Journal list
  • Step 2: Sort the list in ascending and descending order to check if entry #JOU00000159 is no longer in the list.If the entry cannot be found, it means that the journal entry was successfully deleted.
Screenshot of sorted journal list
Step 2 – Sort the list in ascending and descending order

You just learned the step by step process of editing and deleting journal entries. To quickly go back to any sections of this tutorial, click on the links below.

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