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#47 | NetSuite Journal Entries Data Upload

NetSuite journal entries data upload is a critical part of any NetSuite implementation.  This training is focused on uploading or migrating GL data from one system to another. Typically, we are migrating data from QuickBooks to NetSuite.  Journal entries have some unique challenges so we created this training session with step-by-step details to share.

I suggest you watch the video. It’s easier to understand if you are a visual/audio learner. The content below is the same as the video. It’s for those who learn by reading.

The requirement for any data migration is the chart of accounts. Once you have a solid foundation, you then upload the AP and AR transactions and the general ledger activities.

Transactions and Activities Upload
Fig. 1 – NetSuite Transactions and Activities Upload

Journal Entries Activities Upload

Here are three requirements to keep in mind as we prepare and upload journal entry activities.

NetSuite Journal Entries Activities Upload
Fig. 2 – Journal Entries Upload 3 activities list

Requirement 1: Journal entries require an external ID. The external ID is a reference number or journal entry name. Internal IDs are the reference numbers that NetSuite automatically creates so the system generates system reports. As the user, you can you’re your existing journal entry naming convention like “May 2016 Payroll JE”.

Requirement 2: Journal entries have to balance between debits and credits, to the penny. We run into circumstances when the data exported from the original ERP system is a calculated number like foreign exchange rate or cost of inventory x quantity.  When exported into excel, the numbers extend more than 2 decimal points. An example is inventory cost is “$1.10”.  When we look at the journal entry was really is 1.1023. Those extra 23 the digits after the decimal points make a difference because the system thinks the journal entry is out of balance.  We‘ve spent a lot of time troubleshooting it finding that one cell that doesn’t match up.

Requirement 3:  We uploading journal entries for multiple subsidiaries, the journal entries for each subsidiary have to be grouped together. For example, we may have the US as the parent company, UK as a subsidiary and Asia as another subsidiary.  All the journal entries for UK must be group together or sorted together to be uploaded.  If not, the upload gets rejected.

Here’s an example of a journal entry upload file from excel.

NetSuite Journal Entries upload example
Fig. 3 – NetSuite Journal Entries upload Example in Excel

We are showing you a small snippet of available fields. The External ID is your journal entry name. In the memo field, we can add comments or details. You may have subsidiaries and you may have departments.

Below are the steps in NetSuite to complete this upload.

Go to: Setup → Import/Export → Import CSV Records

NetSuite Journal Entries upload demo1
Fig. 4 – Instructions for Journal Entries Upload going to CSV records

Choose import type as Transactions and record type is Journal Entry

NetSuite Journal Entries upload demo2
Fig. 5 – Instructions for Journal Entries Upload import type Journal Entry

Choose the file that you want to upload and then click next

NetSuite Journal Entries upload demo3
Fig. 6 – Instructions for Journal Entries Upload choose file

Choose add and click next

NetSuite Journal Entries upload demo4
Fig. 7 – Instructions for Journal Entries Upload going add file

Everything in Fields Mapping should be match.

NetSuite Journal Entries upload demo5
Fig. 8 – Instructions for Journal Entries Upload field mapping should be match

Click the pencil icon for Subsidiary and choose Internal ID under reference type then click done. Then click next.

NetSuite Journal Entries upload demo6
Fig. 9 – Instructions for Journal Entries Upload internal ID

Type a name for your file and click Save & Run

NetSuite Journal Entries upload demo7
Fig. 10 – Instructions for Journal Entries Upload naming a file and save

When you have successfully uploaded, you will get the green confirmation box.  Click on the Import Job Status to verify all the records uploaded.

NetSuite Journal Entries upload demo8
Fig. 11 – Instructions for Journal Entries Upload going confirmation box

And now we will see 2 records imported successfully.  And we’re done.

NetSuite Journal Entries upload demo8
Fig. 12 – Instructions for Journal Entries Upload going confirmation box

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