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#44 | NetSuite Customer Data Upload

Say hello to customer data upload into NetSuite. This is part of the process when we do a NetSuite implementation and we have to upload customer information into the system. We are going to show you step-by-step how to upload customer data into NetSuite.

I suggest you watch the video. It’s easier to understand if you are a visual/audio learner. The content below is the same as the video. It’s for those who learn by reading.

What are the types of fields that we can upload in the customers list? Here are just 3 examples: name, subsidiary, and address.

Customer List Upload
Fig. 1 – Name, subsidiary, and address to be included in customer upload.

Here is the example of the customer upload file:

NetSuite Customers Upload example
Fig. 2 – Netsuite customer upload file example in excel.

The customer could be Tesla. Notice the asterisk next to the subsidiary field. This is a mandatory field (if you configure it that way). Let me explain. During the configuration process, you can set certain fields to be mandatory by marking that box. After that, any time you are uploading data, information in the subsidiary field has to be there.

Sometimes, people aren’t aware of the mandatory field and get an error message when trying to upload data.

Next are the steps to do the data upload.

To upload customer data go to: Setup → Import/Export → Import CSV record

NetSuite Customer upload demo1
Fig. 3 – Instructions for Customer Upload going to CSV records.

Import type is relationships and record type is customers only

NetSuite Customer upload demo2
Fig. 4 – Instructions in Import type for customers only.
NetSuite Customer upload demo3
Fig. 5 – Instructions for Customer Upload data.
NetSuite Customer upload demo4
Fig. 6 – Instructions for Customer Upload add data.

Then in NetSuite fields choose: Customer Address → Customer Address 1 → Address 1 then click OK

NetSuite Customer upload demo5
Fig. 7 – Instructions for Customer Upload adding address.

Now choose Customer Address City and choose Customer Address Zip

NetSuite Customer upload demo6
Fig. 8 – Instructions for Customer choose city and zip code.

To map the fields correctly, click on your fields and it should be equal to the NetSuite fields that you chose.

NetSuite Customer upload demo7
Fig. 9 – Instructions for Customer Upload map fields correctly.

The Address 1 should be equal to Address 1, City should be equal to City, and Zip should be equal to Zip.

NetSuite Customer upload demo8
Fig. 10 – Instructions for Customer Upload field mapping.

Then click the pencil icon next to Country and choose United States

NetSuite Customer upload demo9
Fig. 11 – Instructions for Customer Upload choose country then United States.

Click the pencil icon next to Priority and type in any number for example 50

NetSuite Customer upload demo10
Fig. 12 – Instructions for Customer Upload input zip code.

Click the pencil icon next to Individual and choose NO

NetSuite Customer upload demo11
Fig. 13 – Instructions for Customer Upload individual then choose NO.

Click the pencil icon for Subsidiary and choose Internal ID under the reference type then click done and next

NetSuite Customer upload demo1
Fig. 14 – Instructions for Customer Upload Internal ID.

And then for the import map name, just type in name for the file and click Save & Run.

NetSuite Customer upload demo1
Fig. 15 – Instructions for Customer Upload import map name.

And you will see the green box after you successfully uploaded.  Then we click the hyperlink for import job status to see if the records successfully uploaded.

NetSuite Customer upload demo1
Fig. 16 – Instructions for Customer Upload confirmation box.

And you can see 1 of 1 record successfully uploaded

NetSuite Customer upload demo1
Fig. 17 – Instructions for Customer Upload view of data listed.

And you’re done!

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